Alexander RomanenkoConsultant & Contractor

Alexander Romanenko

Consultant & Contractor

I create custom internal tools for your business.
Analyse clean code quality.
Specializing in PHP ZendFramework, C# .Net 5 with Blazor,
JavaScript Web Components

Individual and team training

About me

I specialize in development of internal tools and B2B applications. These often involve creating data entry forms to optimize staff workflow, tools for analyzing backend data, integrating with external API or developing your own, data dashboards, control panels, etc.

I work in domain driven development style with Zend Framework and Zend Expressive (which is now called Laminas), C# .Net Core 5+, and Javascript ES6 with latest web components standards.

How can I help you

Initial meeting to evaluate the project is free.

I work with long term projects at rate of $32/hour.

I invoice you every two weeks based on the number of hours worked per planning or implementation task. This gives you flexibility to make decision if you want to continue the work further, or if you are not satisfied with the services given, stop work and payments in next cycle.
Code modernization and refactoring
Your team may not have enough developers allocatable to refactoring tasks. They may already be busy with important functionality, and cannot afford getting distracted, just to update language or framework versions, adopt to new clean coding style. Have you been putting of unit test coverage? Or maybe you just need to review your code architecture to see how well it fits current standards. I can become part of your team to help continuously refactor your code and participate in cod review process to enforce a direction in code quality.

Some Examples of modernizations and migrations:

Zend Framework to Zend Expressive, Laminas, Mezzio
Adding Unit Tests coverage
Asp.Net Core 2.x to Asp.Net Core 3.1, 5.0+
JQuery, React to Веб Компоненты и Blazor
Intorucing MVC architecture
Managing development workflow
I can help making decision what development tools to use. You may be stuck on making an organizational decision, such as, what type of ORM to use, how to setup version control with continuous integration workflow, how to organize REST API, etc. Or maybe you do not need API at all, while SignalR with MediatR fits your needs better.

I can analyze your infrastructure and requirements to optimally choose a solution for your development workflow.
Individual and team training as addon to the tutorials on my youtube channel.
Organizing a Widget Toolkit
During lengthy development, common UI patterns eventually emerge, but they are not formally defined. Now, you need to properly organize and document lose chunks of spaghetti UI code into a maintainable reusable component.
General programming
Your team may not have enough developers available to complete some important tasks. The tasks may not be high priority enough to dedicate your busy staff to it, but still would like to get them done eventually. I work with clients who have sub-projects that need to be done, but no one is ever available to do them, or, ones who have an experimental idea, but do not wish to fully dedicate team resources to test its implementation.

Advantage of my approach

Starting with «NO»
Applying concept "start with no" by Jim Camp, I will not insist that my solution is the best one. Maybe you already have a tool to solve your problem, but you just have not noticed it. Or maybe the solution you want, is not the solution you need. Custom implementations will not be started, until explore existing products.
Transparent process
I can give access to issue tracker and kanban board that I use in my own workflow. You will always see what I am working on, and what technical challenges are being faced.
Quality over speed
I do not pride myself in writing code or designing a deployment pipeline as fast as possible to meet some arbitrary deadline. Careful crafting of architecture, to achieve maintainable project for the future, is the most important aspect in prioritizations.
Framework internals expertise
I do not simply use frameworks; I also send bug fix pull requests to the project. For training, I am able to provide better context of "how" the framework does something, not just "what" so you are not lost in memorizing magic.


Will respond within two business days
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