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Zend Framework 1.x tutorial series welcome

Welcome to my new series of Zend Framework 1.8 tutorials. In this video I just say hello and why i want to do this.

MVC Basics

MVC is often being described with fancy words that not everyone can understand. Here, I show what its all about by pointing out the differences in the code.

Controller and Viewer Interaction

Interaction between Controller and Viewer of Zend Framework. Here, i create the project using ZF command line tools and see what the default installation looks like. Then showing where cont ...

Autoloading Classes and Registering Resources with Zend_Application

ZF 1.8 with new Zend_Application provides an easy way to get your models loaded automatically and resources to be shared across the whole application. Just need to know the naming conventio ...

Zend_Auth and Zend_Form

Learn to have zend_auth authenticate against user information located in a database and then store the aquired user data in a percistent storage (session) to be available to the rest of the ...

Allocating Resources and Permissions with Zend_Acl

Learn to use Zend_Acl to create application resources and allocate permissions. Then use instance of Zend_Auth to get the user's role and check it against the resource permissions. Finally, ...

Organize Repetitive HTML code in a Template with Zend_Layout

Learn how to deal with the problem of repetitive HTML code by creating a template and distributing it across your application using zend_layout. Learn to use existing, and create your own, ...

Site Navigation Menu with Zend_Navigation

Create a web site navigation menu using zend_navigation.

Site Navigation Based on Logon Permissions

Combine zend_navigation with zend_acl to generate menu based on current user role.

Zend_Registry and Authentication Improvement

In tutorials 5 and 6 i made an assumption that if zend_auth object is null then user is a guest, i.e. not logged in. This is fine for small applications. It also raises PHP notice message. ...

Modular Application

When your site has multiple functionality, like user services and administration, you may want to break them into separate modules. This way you can have library/books/list and admin/book/e ...

Pagination with Zend_Paginator

When you have lots of data to be displayed, you may want to break it down into multiple pages. Zend_Paginator helps to break down large data set into smaller chunks for easier viewing exper ...

Zend_Dojo Introduction

Getting a JavaScript library, such as Dojo, to work with Zend Framework requires careful integration between the front end in the web browser and backend of Zend_Framework. These are the fi ...

jQuery with Zend Framework

jQuery works very similar to Zend_Dojo. However, not being in the core library there are some differences that need to be addressed.

AJAX requests with Zend Framework

AJAX requests in Zend Framework are no different than regular requests. You can call any controller/action from the background and it will give you an HTML response. However, you probably d ...

Mixing Zend Framework with jQuery

Mixing Zend Framework back-end and jQuery front end is not so much a technical challenage as much as one of inovation and wit. Its really nothing more than asigning <div> placeholder ...

Zend Translate

Translating website using Zend Translate involves configuring translate view helper and asigning each output string a unique message ID that refers to the actual message in the language fil ...

Zend Translate Language Auto-detection with Zend Locale

Automatic language detection is our next step in Zend_Translate adventure now that we got the basics of how it works. Even though there is a number of ways to detect the user's language au ...

Better Model Design and Preparation for Assertions

As much as this video is designed to be a preparation for the next one on ACL assertions, anyone can benefit from my techniques described here on separating business logic in models from co ...

ACL Dynamic Assertions

Assertions allow fine grained access control not only based on module/controller/action combination but on unlimited set of critier, most common one, the author of a certain resource such a ...

Data Mapper Pattern with Zend Framework

Data mapper is a must have Object Relational Model pattern in any application. In simpler terms, it is a translation adapter between your persistent database storage and the objects in you ...

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